SHANGHAI INOXVAC TECH Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of KF fittings, CF fittings and ISO Fittings, vacuum products are widely used in thin film solar cell, LED industry, Touch flat panel display, semiconductor, optoelectronics technology industry.Vacuum products consist of the following components: KF clamp, ISO Double Claw Clamp, ISO Single Wall Clamp, ISO Double Wall Clamp, vacuum centering ring, vacuum elbows, vacuum blank flange, vacuum cross, vacuum reducer, vacuum KF hose barb adapter, vacuum bellows, vacuum male pipe adaptor, Vacuum female pipe adaptor, vacuum angle poppet valve, high vacuum ball valve, vacuum butterfly valve, etc.The company's product series are all made of stainless steel. The products are strictly in accordance with the requirements of industrial sta...



  • 2023 07-17

    Semiconductor Exhibition in the United States

    Semiconductor Exhibition in the United StatesLast week we attended theSEMICONWEST(July11-13,2023.SanFrancisco,USA)SouthHallMosconecenterBoothno154.Shanghai INOXVAC techCo.,Ltdisaprofessionalmanufact...

  • 2023 07-12

    Semiconductor Exhibition

    Semiconductor ExhibitionFrom June 29th to July 1st last month, we participated in a three-day semiconductor exhibition at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.We show a wide variety of vacuum products, KF, CF and ISO series.There are a lot of customers coming to the scene. The customers at our...

  • 2023 07-10

    Focus on Semiconductor Vacuum Pipeline Manufacturers

    Focus on Semiconductor Vacuum Pipeline ManufacturersWe are a manufacturer specializing in semiconductor vacuumpipeline,involving a number of products:Centering Ring:KF Centering RingISO Centering RingVacuumClamp:KFClamp:KFChainClamp, KF Bulkhead Clamp, KF TL...

  • 2023 05-06

    KF (QF) HV Flange Technical Notes

    KF HV flanges(Figure 1) are a sexless design—made from 304L or 316L stainless, aluminum, or brass. The seal is a rubber/ elastomeric o-ring mounted in a centering ring, which aligns the flanges and holds the o-ring in position.Each flange has a chamfered back-surface and is mated by a circumf...